The company is now called Danish Audio Design International and can be recognized by our new logo – the cat that adorns our devices. It is being run by Bitten and Jan Harbo Jakobsen. Bitten has a lot experience in dealing with customers needs and also bring a different perspective to the business, where Jan has a lot of experience with inventions and worldwide export. Together we will bring Danish Audio Design International forward with innovative solutions and the best products in the business.


The company have set a task to make the best high-end hifi products, all of which are handmade to order and pleasing to the ear – they can play music so it’s a real pleasure. Danish Audio Design International continues to develop state-of-the-art digital products, setting the bar higher that anyone else.

Welcome to a world where making something unique, is what drives Danish Audio Design International.

The team

Here’s what makes DAD International tick – our great team!

Jan Harbo Jakobsen

Managing Director and Inventor (+45) 72 20 03 35

Bitten Harbo Jakobsen

Marketing and Investment Manager (+45) 22 55 25 18

Jonas Boldsen

Chief Engineer (+45) 20 81 15 58

Palle 'Pølsemix' Nielsen

Marketing and Details Specialist (+45) 28 44 54 30

Benny Tang

Accountant (+45) 28 92 54 60

Our partners

At Danish Audio Design International we are very proud of the fact that we only use Danish suppliers to deliver us the parts we need for our products. We strive to make sure that this is the case, not for monetary gain but for the extremely high degree of cooperation that our local suppliers give us when creating high-end audio products.

Alu Parts based in Struer is handling all of our cabinets, from design and advice to drawing, coming up with new ways to approach product design and the final production of our cabinets. We are talking high class production no matter the cost, and they’re playing along on all levels of design to the finished product.

Nothing is too complex for them, and nothing is too small. We are therefore very proud to have Alu Parts as our partner. We don’t just change horses in midstream because of a better price – we aim for and believe we have a great relationship with them based on human factors, team understanding and invaluable feedback to our ideas and future plans. Not to mention that we can count on the quality they deliver every time.

The same can be said for the manufacturer of our transformers. Overgaard Transformers deliver time and time again with no fuss, even when our demands for quality and complexity are high. They deliver top class products that suits our product philosophy perfectly.

Supplies us with special electrolyte capacitors, special AMT loudspeakers and other parts that aid us in delivering the best high-end hifi anywhere.

FreQuence is our supplier of speaker components and capacitors for our products. FreQuence also supply us with cross-overs for our speakers, and have been a consultant for us in regards to component specifications and facilitating discussions with suppliers for us.

Bred furniture supplies us with high-quality cabinets for our speakers. Great craftmanship and an ability to only want to deliver the best, makes them our perfect pick for our products.